Lloyd English

lloyd english guitar lessons salt spring island I have been a professional working musician since my teen years and have performed live in styles ranging from Rock to Jazz to Classical in many different venues. During my developing years my studies led me to private study with some of the best and most recognized teachers in North America.

I have had the opportunity to teach over 500 private students, some of whom went on to music careers. During my own career I have directed groups ranging from pop bands to concert choirs and performed in groups as diverse as a world music guitar duo and as a classical art song vocalist. Currently I perform as a jazz guitarist and spend a large portion of my time recording in my home studio for television.

Teaching Studios

  • Vancouver Academy of the Arts
  • Music Media, Toronto
  • Eli Kassner Guitar Academy, Toronto
  • The Guitar Studio, Victoria, BC
  • Musicworks, Edmonton, AB
  • St. John’s School Private School, AB
  • Peninsula Academy of Music Arts

Teaching Philosophy

The goal of teaching any musical instrument is to guide the student to the place where they are making music. There are no shortcuts to the process but there are right ways and wrong ways of accomplishing the task. Above all the student has to learn to speak the language of music both in thought process and through their instrument. Functional theory and harmony are studied in order to facilitate communication musically.

Schools in our district offer credits toward graduation for students who take exams through the Royal Conservatory or Associated Board. Click here to see RCM Exam levels required for High School Credits. Consult your school counselor for specific guidelines.

“If the King loves music, it is well with the land” ~Mencius